About Us

Hanaro Taekwondo and Solarte Taekwondo Academy is a renowned taekwondo club based between Stockwell, Oval and Vauxhall, London. Hanaro Taekwondo was firstly established in 1968 by Master G. Preece and Solarte Taekwondo in 2008 by Master Diego Solarte,  we offer the ideal learning environment for complete beginners and more experienced students. Take a look around the rest of the site for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to Solarte Hanaro Taekwondo. Master Graham Preece was the founder of the London Taekwondo Centre in 1967 in South London and later renamed it Hanaro (Korean meaning for together as one). Before passing away in 2018 Master Preece transfer the name Hanaro Taekwondo to his student Master Diego Solarte who was the Founder of Solarte Taekwondo 2008, and now with Jaime Gomez, Luigi Trombetta and Marta Alonso as the main instructors .

         World Class TRAINING

For anyone who simply wants to work out at a top world-class level. Some people enjoy the improved confidence and discipline that practising the art and sport of Taekwondo provides. Many people want to learn practical self-defence techniques to feel safer on the streets. Others want to take part in competitions and win medals.

All of them find that studying the art of Taekwondo in our clubs help improve fitness, coordination, balance, strength, agility and mental discipline in a fun and friendly environment.

To reach a high standard at any sport requires a lot of hard work and determination, and our way will ensure that you reach your potential.