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Why Choose Solarte TKD?

Solarte Taekwondo Academy is run by an instructor with over 25 years experience of teaching Taekwondo.

Every single person who has been taught by Master Diego over the past decade has passed their black belt grading first time. .

Dan Gradings are conducted at National level by British Taekwondo, the National Governing body in the UK for WTF Taekwondo. This is an exceptional testament to the quality of training provided from day one.(Master Graham Preece legacy)

Master Diego is registered with British Taekwondo the UK s national governing body for Taekwondo. His input has an influence on the running of Taekwondo in the UK and his passion and dedication to the art and the sport.

Solarte Taekwondo is part of Hanaro Taekwondo Academy which is South London based Taekwondo School practacing the WTF Taekwondo Style.

We are full BTCB (British Taekwondo Control Board) Club members with all club Instructors being fully CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked and registered with the BTC (British Taekwondo Council).

The club was established in 1977 at the old London Judo Kai in Lansdowne Way, Stockwell, London SW8. The clubs first name was The London Taekwondo Centre under the tutorage of Master Graham Preece.

The original venue was a full time martial arts centre accomodating other styles as Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style. The later name for the Taekwondo club was founded after the club moto "together as one" which was translated into korean giving the meaning of "HANARO".

Hanaro Taekwondo celebrated their 30th annerversary in 2007 and the club grows ever stronger into 2008. The instructors have a combined practice time of 60years between them offering the highest standard of TKD tuition on all levels of practice from competition, patterns, self defence and destruction.

Many students over the years have become successful Instructors, competitors and long term students benefitting all the healthy aspects of doing a Martial Art as Taekwondo.

What you can gain from training in TAEKWONDO?

Increased Fitness, better flexability, increased mobility, gain strength and stamina, and a more alert mind.

These benefits have helped children and adults in their other areas of life, from schooling, social interaction and working life. Feel free to contact us for kore information or JUST COME AND TRY!"

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