The membership fee to Solarte Taekwondo club will be payable annually

  • Adults £35
  • Children £35

Note: this is the club membership + licence + admin work.

Two types of payment schemes are available to our members:

2P.A.Y.G (pay as you go), per session:

  • adults: £10
  • children: £10
  • visitors: £10

Monthly fee:

one-off monthly payment which entitles to (up to 8-9 or 4-5 sessions a month usually) paid in advance at the start of the month by direct Debit, from the club service.

  • 3 times per week £50 per month
  • 2 times per week £35 per month
  • 1 times per week £30 per month

Family discount

available on monthly payments only, with the first member paying full price, and each additional member paying a discounted monthly rate as follows

Additional adult or child -£5 per month.

  • Private lessons available on request(training in our indoor gym) £50 per class.
  • Payment for private lesson must be done in advance
  • Any cancelation before 24 hours must be pay.
  • Discount for recurrent private lessons: